Original songs composed, arranged, performed, and produced by Trevor Hochman, a.k.a. T. Milton Nevins and the Nevins Brothers, with cherished contributions from family and friends.

Click on triangles to reveal available audio/video recordings of each song and blue links for dedicated song pages with chord charts and lyrics (where available). Enjoy!

Y'Sposta/She's Poly/Smart Phones suite - Dance/Pop
Back to Your Heart - Pop/R&B
2020 Music Video
Quarantine Blues - Viral Pop
Count My Days - Roots/Bluegrass/Pop
The Change - Dance/Pop
Take Up A Pick - Roots/Bluegrass
Peekskill Reel - Roots/Bluegrass
Goddamn - Roots/Pop
Love Begins - Pop/R&B
Tell Me What - Roots/Bluegrass/Pop
Kwanzaa, Hannukah, Christmas - Roots/Bluegrass/Pop
After Wendi - Pop/R&B
Yes I Do - Roots/Bluegrass
Brick Prison - Pop/R&B
Don't Tell Me It's Raining - Roots/Bluegrass
Never Wrong - Dance/Pop
Comes Around Again - Roots/Bluegrass
Wonderland - Blues/Pop
This Way Again - Roots/Bluegrass
Odalysque - Ballad
Route 368 - Roots/Bluegrass/Pop
Ass Fresco - Ditty
No Better Than The Rest - Roots/Bluegrass
Make Time - Dance/Pop
Paradise - Dance/Pop
Zion - Roots/Bluegrass
No record yet!
Son of Cain - Roots/Bluegrass
No record yet!
Paddy Reilly's Bar - Original adaptation of "Fol de rol" traditional college song
The Horse You Rode In On - Roots/Bluegrass
No record yet!
Endless Desire - Pop/R&B
No record yet!
Room - Jazz/Pop
No record yet!
Pass Be By - Jazz/Pop
No record yet!
Oh-oo - Roots/Bluegrass/Pop
No record yet!

To Come:
She's Poly
Mountains Might Fall
Peak Skill
One Man Show
All The Lies