Sunday, August 16, 2020

Outdoor Jam Reconnaissance: Ward Acres Park

Deep in the woods of Ward Acres Park in northern New Rochelle is an isolated, derelict house... perfect for Halloween! Or any time in fall. The house has a large covered porch that could accommodate 6 or more musicians while social distancing. Although the house is a 5-minute walk from the front entrance of the park (where parking is available), it's only a 60-second walk from the back of the park on Pinebrook Blvd, where it's possible to get dropped off with your instrument by an accommodating friend who then returns to park in the front entrance and walks in the front way.

Park officially closes at 8pm but looks mostly unpoliced. No seating provided on the porch.

The hike in from the front entrance:

First glimpse of the house:

 The short road from the house to the park's back "entrance" on Pinebrook Blvd.:

The back entrance on Pinebrook Blvd.: