Sunday, August 21, 2011

Drum Track Buildin'

I'm larnin' all the time about how to make an electronic drum groove kick (the crap out of you, that is). Here's the drum track I'm working with for The Change, first as the rhythmic accompaniment for live performance, and then, when it's really bangin', as the baseline for a studio version.

I shared an excerpt of it with Arefin, and he said, "Yeah, that's pretty good... if you SUCK. Here, gimme that, lemme show you a thing or two." So I sent him the drum groove as an Ableton Live data file, and Arefin, who is a discerning drum devotee and has some experience cookin' up beats, will share some schoolin' with the sit-u-a-tion.

Please listen to on a stereo or at least some headphones and not your damn computer, lest you file a complaint with the electronic percussion authorities.