Sunday, August 16, 2020

Outdoor Jam Reconnaissance: Kensico Dam

Wow, Valhalla's Kensico Dam Plaza and the dam above are quite scenic in many ways. Lovely architecture, sculpture, memorials, and very importantly, multiple covered stone gazebos and arcades that can accommodate many musicians while social distancing.

The Merritt H. Smith memorial gazebos on the plaza level (four of them!) each could accommodate up to 6 musicians while social distancing; no seating inside.

The colonnaded curved arcades on the upper dam level (again, four of them!) are very large and each could likely accommodate up to 12 musicians while social distancing. Again, no seating provided.

The park is open until 10pm through the end of October and until 8pm in November.

 The Merrit memorial gazebos:

 The atop-dam curved colonnaded arcades:

 Scenes from the walk into Kensico Dam Plaza:

 Views from the top of the dam:

 Operating hours confirmed by the cops and park rangers on site: