Thursday, June 25, 2020

So In Love

What a treasure Cole Porter's many wonderful songs are. Although I'd heard a bunch and even sung a few in college, this is the first time I'm really delving into the marvelous and sometimes challenging (like here) melodies, chords, and song forms of his amazing creations.

The chords of So In Love move quickly and pull no punches, demanding fast changes on widely ranging harmonies while the melody along with the chords has numerous unexpected though awesome notes and passages as well. Oh yeah, and on sax it's getting into the somewhat deeper waters of more flat/sharp-rich keys; this is Ab, 4 flats (which I'm sure is ho-hom to someone who actually knows what he's doing but keeps me running, especially that Db).

So the bottom line is that this song sure gave a jazz freshman like me a real workout. That's the exact idea, and it was lots of fun practicing it. Oh, yeah, it did take 14 takes to get an even somewhat acceptable one. Haha. Back quite literally to the drawing board.

More to come!!!