Sunday, June 21, 2020

Autumn Leaves

I expected to take today off from jazz practice, but lo and behold, in the mail arrived a real clapperboard for audio/video synchronization, a gift from my super-thoughtful mom, who'd seen my earlier videos banging a damn wooden rod against a mini-dry-erase board and decided I needed a little more class.

Inspired by, grateful for, and excited to use her gift, I asked her to pick a song to request. She offered several, all great choices I'll do sooner or later. I thought one of them was Autumn Leaves - turns out I might have missed that it was actually Autumn in New York! - and went about practicing it. Turns out I wanted to do it at a pretty fast tempo, at least for me.

The fast tempo wreaked havoc with my Ableton automation, and I wasn't gonna have time to troubleshoot before heading to the Riverside Park tennis court bluegrass jam, so I just turned on the metronome and went for it with bass and voice. Fun at this tempo!!! I'm gonna practice this song some more and get on top of it.