Monday, June 1, 2009

Gypsy Fonk Koffee

Yes, this how my beautiful mother make koffee like magnificent gypsy fonk. First she make good, strong koffee in pot. If only she make strong pot in koffee also. But that something else. Anyway, mother (famoos gypsy personality Kani Bosoorah) pour some of this koffee to drink, but that not really gypsy fonk koffee. The unused koffee has a special destiny.

The gypsy fonk koffee have very sophisticated aging and seasoning process to achieve true fonk of our Bosoorah ancestor tree. First, let unused strong koffee sit in pot in koffeemakre with heat on for several hours. The longer, the better. Make sure heat is on. If you leave overnight, maybe evaporates, be careful. Fortunately you have already drink strong koffee from pot, so you probaby not fall asleep til next morning anyway.

Okay, when you feel it is time, put koffee pot in refrigerator. This very important stage of gypsy fonk koffee make. Yes, leave in refrigerator for *at least one day*. This imperative - if you want real gypsy fonk koffee, you must leave coffee in Frigidaire (like Mama Bosoorah would say!) for during vacation to go dancing and singing. Come back after vacation and pour delicious cup of gypsy fonk koffee, almost ready.

Put cup of koffee in low wattage microwave for two minutes. Out it comes! Season with combination of Equal and Splenda artificial sweeteners and no-fat half and half. Yum!

Just like mother makes.